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Aga and Rayburn require regular maintenance and repair to increase efficiency, safety and also improve on their appearance. Proper maintenance of Rayburn cooker and Aga cooker also helps to enhance their durability. Ed Roberts Ltd are well trained and experienced engineers who have been certified by both Oftec and Gas Safety register.

Aga servicing procedure

Our Aga servicing checklist, which includes;

  1. Checking the oil rate.
  2. Testing the safety devices.
  3. Thorough cleaning of the burner, vents, and flue.
  4. Inspecting the gaskets and the seals of the appliances.
  5. Carefully examining the insulating lid and also the doors.
OIL-FILLED AGA and Rayburn Servicing

When should you have Aga Servicing?

For the smooth function of an Aga and Rayburn cooker, it is recommended to service these appliances after six months. For gas and solid-fuel appliances, it is advised to maintain them yearly. If you own a range cooker, it is essential to ensure you service it regularly.

The benefits of Aga and Rayburn servicing with Ed Roberts Ltd;

  • Ed Roberts Ltd has a highly trained and qualified engineer who carry out a site survey, upgrade, repairs, installation, and commissioning services.
  • Engineers are provided with the latest tools to carry out maintenance and repair in the shortest time possible.
  • The engineers also work in a respectful and tidy manner causing minimal disturbances to a customer's home.
  • Ed Roberts Ltd are reliable and offer excellent technical services.
  • Ed Roberts Ltd engineer will provide the customers with completion forms that allow the clients to check if the engineer has fully complied with the checklist.
  • The maintenance and repair services offered by Ed Roberts Ltd strictly follow the 'manufacturer's instructions.

Ed Roberts Ltd offer the best servicing for Rayburn cookers, solid fuel gas appliances and Aga cookers. After servicing a cooker, we will provide a certificate for the various repaired and serviced parts of the appliances.

Ed Roberts Ltd also carry out safety checks after servicing to make sure the appliances are in a good and safe condition.

Always ensure that the appliances are unplugged and switched off, giving it time to cool before being serviced. If you observe any small problem like if the appliances produce noise, it is crucial, you seek professional servicing before the problem advances.

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