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An annual service can help you to:

Avoid expensive boiler maintenance issues.

Reduce the chance of breakdowns over winter.

Save money on your heating bills.

Protect your family from deadly carbon monoxide leaks.

Ed Roberts Ltd offers a range of boiler servicing, boiler repairs and boiler installations for oil-fired boilers for domestic, industrial, commercial and swimming pools throughout the Cumbria region.

We provide our services for homes and business owners and landlords to the highest quality, with many satisfied customers.

Why Service Your Oil Boiler

Oil boiler servicing will help you spot an underlying problem, and rectify it early to avoid future problems and potentially save you money. To boost the system's efficiency and avert potential hazards. Note that, if your boiler isn't working at the optimal levels, chances are high; it may be releasing very poisonous carbon monoxide fumes.

If you follow dedicated maintenance and servicing schedules for your boiler, you will repair little problems which could be impacting its efficiency. Regular servicing will also help you keep the system clean, and prevent the boiler from 'sooting up' something which will make it consume more fuel for combustion.

Does My oil-fired boiler Need Servicing?

It is recommended to service oil-fired boilers regularly to increase the running efficiency, safety and also improve on appearance.

By contacting our specialist heating engineer, you can be confident of top quality workmanship and an honest price for repairs or service. Servicing should be performed by a Gas safety, and Oftec certified registered engineer. All our heating and boiler engineers are OFTEC registered.

When servicing your oil boiler, our experts will do a simple check to see if the boiler is functioning well. We will then test your system's efficiency and safety.

What Happens During an Oil Boiler Service?

The advantage of regularly servicing an oil fired boiler is that it enables the oil boiler to keep functioning at its optimal efficiency.

When arranging your boiler service, the summer months may be a better option because you will need to turn the boiler off 30 minutes before the service engineer arrives so that the oil boiler has cooled down when he services it. Otherwise, he will have to wait for it to cool down before completing the service.

It usually takes about an hour to complete a service on your Oil boiler. During that time, the engineer will do the following:

  • Our friendly, helpful Oftec engineer will undertake a visual inspection of the tank, oil line, and other parts of the oil-fired system. To make sure that they comply with current safety regulations.
  • Inspect and clean out the flue.
  • Replace the boiler nozzle. Worn out oil nozzles are unable to regulate the amount of oil flowing into the burner correctly. When that happens, soot builds up in the heat exchange unit and reduces the boiler's efficiency. Replacing worn-out oil nozzles should help fix this problem.
  • Check for water in your oil tank.
  • Tests will also be performed for pressure jet appliances to see if they are functioning well.Use a flue gas analyser to check combustion.
  • During a boiler service, the oil tank will be checked for any possible leaks.
  • Remove the boiler casing and clean internal components (like the heat exchanger and burner).Test all safety systems to make sure that they are functioning correctly (this includes any thermostats, pressure relief valves and burner lockout devices).
  • Check with you to see if you have experienced any issues with the boiler.
  • Turn the boiler on to check that it is working correctly.

Why Hire Ed Roberts Ltd

OFTEC engineer

When our OFTEC engineer specialists have completed the service of your oil boiler, he will then give you an OFTEC CD/11 form which lists everything that has completed as part of the service.

Save you money

Having your oil boiler serviced regularly is an excellent practice. Not only can it save you money by ensuring your oil boiler is running efficiently, by keeping costly emergency repairs down, plus it can also reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Prevent carbon monoxide fumes

An oil-fired boiler runs on fossil fuel, and if left inadequately serviced, it may end up generating carbon monoxide fumes. It should, therefore, be checked and serviced regularly to ensure that it does not pose a carbon monoxide emission threat. 

Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas that is usually hard to detect due to its colourless, tasteless and odourless nature.  Soot from partially burnt fuel and smoke may accumulate within the heat exchange unit.

The residue creates an insulation effect that reduces the amount of heat that is absorbed by the water in the heating system. Cleaning the soot from the exchange unit will increase the central heating efficiency. 

Reduce fuel costs

Having your oil boiler serviced regularly can reduce your annual fuel costs by up to 10%.

How Can I Check If My Boiler Has Any Issues?

Unfortunately, it isn't easy to know if your oil boiler is malfunctioning if you lack the necessary skills and equipment to check it. The most reliable way of confirming if it's faulty is probably, trying to turn it on to see if it works well.

Instead of waiting for your Oil boiler to stop working, you are better to have it checked and repaired now to avoid more problems in the future. If you want to see your boiler's efficiency and made to stand the test of time, contact us any time to book an evaluation.

Contact your Local oil boiler engineers

Our qualified servicing and repair team based in Carlisle, Cumbria have a vast amount of experience handling Oil boiler repair and installation services with an immaculate track record and excellent customer service.

From commercial properties to multiple occupancy residential blocks and single private homes, our team has a lot of experience dealing with oil boiler services. 

The engineers are also fully trained, and Oftec registered to ensure competence and expert oil boiler servicing. If you require any information or the services of our company, Ed Roberts Ltd, please contact our team today on 01228 522 445.

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